Scoolu: Learn from a Legend

Scoolu is a platform which connects anyone with industry legends for 1 on 1 training.  It began in February 2016 as an organization called My Pro Hero – founded by Steve Wicklum, Blake Armstrong, Bryan Trottier, Todd Bidner and Bryce Salvador.  

At this point, My Pro Hero was entirely based on hockey and coaching.  From there, it gained traction quickly and was soon working with some of the best coaches hockey had to offer.  It was featured in the New York Times and on Rogers Hometown Hockey.  People could easily connect themselves with the likes of Adam Oates, Ron Johnson, Hayley Wickenheiser and more simply by using My Pro Hero’s platform.

In late 2017, the founders decided that it was a good idea to direct the business down a different path.  My Pro Hero was rebranded as Scoolu, a platform with the same concept of connecting people to legends – but in many more categories than just hockey.  Scoolu is working with industry legends in hockey, music, fitness, golf, figure skating and more.  Simon Doom, Jared Scharff, Todd Eldredge and Mark Prentice are just some of the numerous big names connected with the platform.

The traction the business has gained has been incredible and the legends are all excited to be on board for the foreseeable future.  At this moment, Scoolu has plans to branch out into cooking, beauty and even basketball.  The sky is the limit for what Scoolu can become.  Who wouldn’t want to learn from the very best?

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