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Scoolu is the future of real-time online coaching and knowledge transfer. This is a platform that will connect you with the top professionals in your field.

When you want to learn something new, what are the options that come to mind? Take a course, go back to school, or pay a lot of money for one on one teaching sessions. Most people don’t have the time or money for any of those, so what do people do when there are no other options? Well, that’s when they come to Scoolu. A website platform that is dedicated to educating the next generation of legends so that they don’t have to waste their time going back to school. They can get the learning experience from their home, without having worry about going to a classroom to learn what it is that they need.

Through the school marketplace an individual can find a thought leader to help them improve their skill set – whether that is learning to improve their hockey skills one-on-one with one of the biggest stars in the game, taking a guitar lesson from one of Nashville’s best, or getting tax advice from a certified accounting professional.

Scoolu was created so that anybody that wants to learn from the top professionals out there can. Whether that be learning to play an instrument, tips and tricks for hockey and much more. Whenever someone wants to learn without having to deal with a school setting, it’s time to think of Scoolu.

So, if you’re looking for to get tips from the pros for your personal gain or to give yourself the edge you need to get to that next step Scoolu is the place for you.

Using the school platform students and pros can facilitate an interactive, live online coaching session.

Scoolu was founded by Steve Wicklum, he is a former college and pro hockey player and the Chief Executive Officer of My Pro Hero, a company that started last year in Waterloo, Ontario. This company matches professional coaches and former legends with aspiring athletes. His goals were to broaden the categories of the of My Pro Hero platform in Scoolu. This way no matter the field you want to improve on, you can get advice from a legend in that field of choice.

About us

Scoolu is changing the eLearning landscape. Our innovative online instruction platform allows you to connect in real-time, with instructors to improve your skill set, inspire your growth, or advance your career.


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